the couple who rides together stays together

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Parsi Food Trail: February

When the Zoroastrians fled Persia and came to Indian shores, they approached King Jadhav Rana seeking asylum. Unconvinced at first, Rana called out for a vessel of milk filled to the brim to symbolise his already abundant kingdom. A Parsi priest then dissolved some sugar into the milk without causing it to overflow, signifying that they would blend in and merely add some sweetness.

While this story can hardly be authenticated, here’s what can. Udvada a coastal town 200-odd kilometres north of Mumbai, Udvada’s main draw is its Iran Shah Atash Behram, which bears the sacred fire that has been burning for over a thousand years. Of course, it’s also a worthy food pilgrimage.

It is the perfect place to sample both popular Parsi dishes and homely favorites, and the meals are still mostly cooked on a chulavati, a wood-fuelled hearth.

Come be a part of the beautiful trail to the distant down of Udvada (190 kms from Mumbai) and enjoy the wholesome experience along with their hospitality.

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Come, be a part of the Gastronomic experience.

Self-Realisation, Travel

Travel the world

Travel the world. Yes, that is one of the lines I have had in my head since the time I understood the feeling and joy I had while traveling. I don’t know how would that be done or how people do it.

Besides the planning you need to have that appetite to absorb, digest and enjoy the changing hues, cultures and moments which transform every few days. you enjoy more than four seasons which the nature offers. It is so very different and so very challenging.

Above all it is the finances and the social cluster which is involved. I don’t know why I have so many questions when i think about traveling the world. I guess I would be from the shackles of those questions when I begin that trip.

Some day, some day.

Where all have you guys been to? would like to travel the world in one go? Feel free to share your experiences.

Enjoy the lovely weekend and have a great time.


Festival of Colours – World’s biggest colour party

It was holi a few days back. The festival which is celebrated with great zeal, joy and happiness out here in India. With the growing popularity and social media platforms it has been celebrated with equal level of interest in many more countries other than India.

With colours splurged all around it is the togetherness, love and warmth which brings two people close. The final outcome and feeling is just way too amazing.

This very video captures some of the feelings i had which I celebrated Holi with my friends and family over the years.

Belated Happy Holi 🙂

Enjoy the day and lovely weekend.