Double Humped Bactrian Camels – Nubra Valley

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Day 7: Back to civilisation

Serene and peaceful campsite overlooking the bright sunny sky and a turquise blue water shinning like a silver. it is one of this mesmerising view which can never been seen again not probably on the same day for it just looks better which each passing hour.
We had the breakfast and with all the luggage ready to be packed again in the SUVs it was time to move on to the next destination and back to the civilisation.


Besides everyone being so happy with the view and the fresh wind they had just one thing in their mind. A clean concrete place to stay where they can all take a good hot shower for a long time. Having no shower for all this while in the cold weather is absolutely fine but due to regular practice and upbringing we tend to be a bit fussy about it.
We moved on towards the city of Leh, crossing some of the very beautiful mountains and streams on the way. Everyone had that delightful face with a bit of an eagerness to see what would the city of Leh would look like.
Stopping at one the place for some quick snack after a bit of a hard riding one of the females asked me if she could be a pillion with me up till leh. I agreed but asked to only hop on once we cross the ‘Chang la Pass’ the third highest motor able road in the world.


She agreed to the same and we moved on towards the mighty pass. I was more than happy to be out there for it would be the very first time i would reaching the mountain with my own motorcycle. The joy and pleasure to reach out there on my own motorcycle was so very different.
We finally made it. After a good what for some time i changed my t shirt and rode with my motorcycle to the very spot where they have mentioned the details about the mountain and the altitude. Not being aware of the sue system which followed up there too I just got in with the motorcycle. Some of the rude guys HAD to say something annoying to which I just apologised and asked if i could just take a photo and leave. They didn’t budge and had to keep on arguing about the entire thing. I swiftly moved back and let those idiots take the photograph only to wait for some more time. I just moved further after some time and asked the photographer to click a few shots quickly and leave the place. I was least interested, bothered and willing to take the photo out there but as we were out there might as well do the needful and LEAVE.


The worst part of the road was over. With a proper tarmac and a lot of people seen on the sides of the roads we moved further to the junction where we could finally spot some ATMS, food joints and a store where you can buy anything you wish to. It was a bit of a delight to see some of the familiar things out there. We stopped over for the much needed lunch. Everyone looked tired, dark and roughed up to the core. Enjoying the proper food they all needed we all cheered for one guy who actually managed to finish the trip. it was the first time that he had managed to do a long trip and thet too on the rented motorcycle. Hats off and Bravo to the guy. We all cheered for him.


Strangely everyone was on the phone checking there messages, emails and many other applications which they haven’t been in touch with since some time now.
We moved further into the city and finally to the place where were to call the night.

Big spacious rooms and bathrooms and the running hot water. Everyone was finally in their respective rooms and awaiting their turn to finally freshen up and relax.
With the evening at leisure and no more riding for the day it was time to unwind and wear some comfortable clothing and enjoy the sumptuous food at a good restaurant.

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Day 4: Riding on the rocks and on to the Lake Tso Moriri

With the first ray of light we leave. Leave to a better place to make things happen. While on my way I was charged up and ready for some beautiful locations on the way but never to ready to some of the fast running water streams which i might have on the way. The moment the thought had passed my head I could see the SUV in the front being really slow and struggling with the shallow water stream. Feeling a bit less confident all of a sudden I readjusted my riding position and getting ready for the splash. Slow, steady and extremely focused i move on splashing the water and feeling confident with every inch i move forward with confidence. It was finally over. Relaxed and even more confident with what I just did I moved on.

I go through a lot of emotions while i ride a motorcycle and this terrain just makes things a lot special. With no one around and nothing great to look at times i never wish to stop but to keep moving forward.
Soon, we approached to a famous Gata loops- a mountain filled with adventurous 21 hairpin bends making the view, the ride and the entire experience on a different level. I could see a lot of shortcuts but never actually dared to take one and move up for I had something so beautiful with me never would wish to see the motorcycle being scratched or damaged any further than what it had already gone through. We advanced forward to a beautiful place called More Plains – a good 57 kilometres of a straight road which would make you wonder of every possible things you can imagine of while riding. The road for a change is smooth and silky make it more and more provocative to riding fast and in the best of ways you can. But, there is a hitch. Every few kilometres of the very road it has a dump which if ignored can make you take a flight. It can be really fatal. Stopping over for a quick break for some photographs and some of the best things you wish to do in that very beautiful place. After a few photographs and a lot of stretching e move on. The break is much needed for the ride on this beautiful road can be beautiful, enticing and the best of your life but that would also make you feel sleepy. With caution and care we move forward. Unfortunately, we would have to take a different route.


On the way we spotted so many motorcyclists and so many people on their beautiful bicycles.
taking the right turn from the small town of Debring and towards the off road which than leads to a narrow tarmac road. The road was beautiful and could have been better only with a bit of an energy and a lot of hydration. The body joust couldn’t take it further and we had to call it for a short stopover to regain the energy and some fluids in that hot weather. With all the riding still to do i wasn’t in the best of the shape due to my funny stomach. it simply wasn’t forgiving and pleasant. I had no choice but to have more and more fluids to keep moving forward and to keep the group energised. After a short while we took a short break for some food and some rest for the route later was one of the most treacherous the motorcycle, human body and a human mind would have ever experienced. With half heart and absolutely no mood to ride on I had some food and some black tea and lot of water.

There we go again moving forward to one of the most beautiful mountain lakes one can see. Tso Moriri lake is one of the places which is very close to the china border on one side and the Indian army camp on the other side.
Moving forward into the treacherous terrain with the slow but steady I passed each rock with great care and patience. With such a beautiful motorcycle under my legs I had no intention to spoil it in any ways possible but just to pass through this tough terrain and be abiding to the mother nature and its raw beauty. An hour turned into two and than into many more hours. The terrain was simple unforgiving and so very tough to pass through. I stopped for a short time to let the engine cool down while i regain that energy and move forward. Moving forward crossing a few stones at a time I check the time on the dial the time has stood still. everything felt slow, sluggish and bumpy. The heart gave up but the spirit was willing. With that patience and determination I moved on till the time i could see a freshly laid tarmac. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. I just couldn’t wait to be on it and enjoy the smooth road after such a long, tiring and super bumpy ride. I was finally on it. I revved my motorcycle and zipped through some of the corners and was in a snap lost in the mountains. i was back to life and the liveliest mood. The pain, stomach problem and that fatigue went way back. The view suddenly was breathtaking and so very beautiful. hours passed by and slowly the fatigue started sinking in. this time it was even more than what I had earlier. crossing one of the truck and taking a slow turn I stopped at one of the small tent which happens to be restaurant. it was the only one around for miles in between no where. Hearing the engine an old man comes out and gives me a sweet smile. a smile so welcoming and so very much from the heart. Waving me with an expectation that we might do a stop over and help him earn some money. I couldn’t resist but went close to the tent and parked my motorcycles. With a brief chat about the route and how long it was I could see the rest of the group joining in. I simply couldn’t gather up the energy to move forward or even hop on the motorcycle that mere 20 kms of a distance.



My friend came over and asked me if everything was ok with me. Had no choice but to sound a bit strong but after a few other questions an offering to ride the motorcycle for those 20 kilometres was a proposal i couldn’t resist.
With great effort and a heavy heart i ask my friend to ride my motorcycle. I looked at it and with a bidding good bye for a short while i sat in the car. completely exhausted and dehydrated I felt so much better on the seat. it was no less than heaven. The road thankfully was good too and i started feeling sleepy. The feeling didn’t last long though as the carpet road had vanished somewhere and we were back into the bumpy ride. Though the bumpy ride was a bit bearable in the car i was more worried about how would my motorcycle be. How would my friend be riding it? With ample thoughts I just kept myself awake till the time i could see the royal blue patch in between the dusty mountains. That was it, I shouted pointing the finger for others in the car who were busy gossiping about a million things in the world. It was all quiet after that and the only thing you could hear was all the praises about how beautiful the lake looks and the shutter sounds of the camera.


we soon approached the Indian army check post where we had to get ourselves registered. Besides the motorcycles the entire group was around. I couldn’t help but ask the guard on the duty about the medical officer who can help me with my stomach problem. Swiftly pointing at one of the shades he suggested i go meet him along with one more person. No idea about the reason for the same but without asking him for the same and thinking more about it i asked my group photographer to accompany me. Besides being an amazing photographer she happens to be a Doctor by profession too.


With a quick help from the army Doctor I felt a bit better once we reached the camp. The long day was finally over and that I could ease out myself and enjoy the beautiful lake which kept on changing the hues of blue every time you see it.

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Day 2: Getting back on the feet with a fixed liver

Early morning and determined mind makes you do a lot of things. The first on the priority was the liver which i had to fix for the my trip further into the mountains. Seeing the beautiful motorcycle in that state in the morning isn’t a very good sight. So i get on fixing the liver with the strong adhesive (Araldite and some sand) hoping it would be done by evening. With a bit of a relief I take care of the group and their excursions for the day. After breakfast we decide to head to one of the monasteries which is on one of the mountains. Besides acclimatising them for the trip further it was also one of the only ways to keep them busy and make them enjoy the nature.

it was a great trek all the way up to the monastery. With many people panting and many enjoying the climb all the way up to the mountain I could feel a lot of positivity and i loved that.

while on the way back to the camp I again had all the possible thoughts of the motorcycle which needs to be back on the road and at the same time the route further. It was a bit fearful but seeing the way we tried fixing the liver in the morning I was a bit hopeful that it would surely be done.

After lunch and a bit of a relaxing we head to the camps. With that anxiousness and a million thoughts running in my head I was super eager to see the fixed liver on the motorcycle. Wallah, the liver looks fine but which when fixed with the screw and the bolt it conked off again. This was truly depressing a lot frustrating on all the stupid moves i made while riding all the way up here.

my friend than came up with a noble idea. As the place where we stayed has a market and a bit of a civilisation we thought of exploring the market and finding a liver which would more or less be the same as the original liver. We venture into the market and find one of the liver which is so very similar to the original one. not being so happy about it and celebrating too early we head back and tried fixing it and wallah. it was done.

Tried operating the clutch but it wasn’t in the same manner what it should be. I luckily had the network in my cellphone which meant calling the Workshop and asking them about what can be done to fix it, If at all.
After understanding a few settings and a few amendments in one of the cables it was sorted. finally, the motorcycle is back to life and roaring to head forward to the new level.

Had never imagined that I would be able to fix the issue and head forward for the trip on this beautiful motorcycle Heading to the dining room with a happy face I finish my dinner and end the day with a satisfying sleep.


Day 1: Here

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Ghata Loops

Gata Loops – You guys might want to google it and enjoy the amazing twisties google would show you. Though they look so amazing on the screen they are difficult to cross specially when you are tired to the core and climbing on the high altitude with lacking power from your motorcycle. Not a great combination.


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Off the tarmac and back to the reality

The terrain in the this part of the country (India) keeps on changing. The road which leads to the highest motorable road in the world – The Mighty Khardung la is no easy task. Though not too far from the beautiful town of leh it has the charm of its own. With the distance of less than 50 kms it gives you a summary of the entire experience you have had reaching the city of leh from Manali. Treacherous, bumpy and filled with huge boulder it truly is a gruelling activity but upon reaching it all goes away. The word pain doesn’t exist and something else takes it places.


A stretch of road called ‘More Plains’ have one of the best views one can have for miles and miles away. No doubt the freshly laid tarmac and ever changing view of the mountains it has its own challenges. While riding in ‘More Plains’ I decided venturing into the off road. It is rarely done by anyone passing by. I was a bit worried but still itched on going for it. It was pure madness. Shouting in the helmet and enjoying the view and that freedom I never felt before. I felt like I was the only one on the planet and I can whatever I wish to. Though the excitement was short-lived as I had soon spotted bushes with HUGE thorns on it. Jamming the breaks I stopped at one of the clear spots to check the tyres but to my dismay the muddy patch which looked solid was a bit moist and was slowly taking my stand inside. I had no other choice but to turn around and ride back soon to the tarmac.



It was all good with the tyres thankfully. It was time to ride on the tarmac in the straight line 😦 Thankfully i was saved and in a very different way had the nature answered my questions on why do people avoid riding the way i did


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Present and Present from Nature

It gets tiring, dirty, rigid but we still make it. It is all about the adrenaline junkies like me. We enjoy that pain and still wish to move forward and it to the next level. It was never a breeze of a task to see, enjoy and ride in to the beautiful terrains which do look good and feels great but takes a lot out of you.


riding on those beautiful roads, it certainly is great till the time you have a challenge thrown by the nature in front of you. it is never an easy task to understand and implement what your mind and heart says.


Though, with each single day you feel magical, hysterical and powerful for you have conquered what others have just dreamt off. You made it to the top and made it well. It is powerful to stand there and pose for a camera which does capture the physicality of the nature and you in it but never the feeling on what has gone into making this very leap come to life.


eating what is never enjoy in the regular city life, munching without tantrums and quiet like an obedient boy. It is the same setup which can make you feel so different


Enjoy what you have for you never know what tomorrow has for you. It is never known and it would never be and I guess that is what it is called ‘Present’ A gift of time which is wrapped in the realities of life

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