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Be amused in the town of Nirona

The town of Hodka has many campsites which offers one and all the best of the hospitalities and comfort. We chose to stick to the basics and stayed over at a Village stay. The place is warm and has some of the coolest people running the place. The food is pretty basic and so is the stay but well that is what we were searching for once in a while, aren’t we?

Heading to the town of Nirona can be heavy on the pocket at times. The town of famous for some of its beautiful artwork like the Rogan art. The artwork is straight from Persia and has been practiced for more than 400 years now. It is truly a magical moment seeing the art in the making too.

Besides the family which makes the Rogan art there is one family out there too which copper bells. The family has been doing so for about 5 generations now.

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