Diskit Monastery

The pictures are from my trip to the mountains. Hope you enjoy the photos.
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Day 1: Road deeper into the Mountains

Rainy day, high spirits to ride further and move on to new destinations. It is never to easy to start an adventurous trip when you have some responsibility while on the trip. Nevertheless, I was geared up and powered with some of the best scenes and moments to come by in the days to come. With my new motorcycle around I have always been possessive and so very careful.
While we were leave on the trip I had to lead the group. Enjoying the rains, the lovely power the motorcycle has and the lovely road which is open to all the possible adventure. Everything was great until we stop at one of the traffic jams on the mountains. It is painful to wait specially when you know what is expected in a couple of corners. Leaning, manuvering and moving forward I head forward followed by other chaps on the their motorcycle. I came across a lot of people who appreciated the motorcycle and enjoyed the beauty it holds on the treacherous road. felt, respected, proud and above all lucky enough to own something so beautiful and so powerful.

Everything was smooth until I took a decision to follow a stupid guy riding a royal enfield. following him for a bit I did not think twice when he took a sharp turn riding above the rocks and heading forward. Instead of stopping and looking for an alternative i followed him. Boom, I was on the ground. The Clutch lever broke. The 32nd kilometre of the trip I practically have a broken clutch lever. Irritated depressed and above all heart-broken i took the motorcycle on the side with the help of my fellow riders and friends. Checked her out, in detail. Assuring and reassuring of no further damages i told everyone that i was completely ok but was really worried about the motorcycle and the damage done to it.


I had no choice but to hold the lever properly and ride slowly to the nearest stopped which we had planned for and think of an alternative. With the bad mood and not a very great start to the trip i was depressed and just thinking about what could have possibly gone wrong than just the lever. Had absolutely no problem or even a scratch which was indeed a great sign.
Before i geared up for the ride further I tie up the lever with the rear view mirror to create a tension and keeping the lever in place i moved on.

Least interested in riding my motorcycle and seeing the beautiful terrain I just wanted to end the day and go to bed. I was not even ready to open the throttle while on a good smooth road. My heart sank just in the incident which played on again and again making me more guilty of my decision.


Reaching Keylong, I parked the motorcycle in a proper place and freshened up not even wanting to see it and feel even more depressed. I dozed off.

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Tiger hill

While visiting the Drass War Memorial. It was a delightful experience meeting and interacting with the Army officers. While you are in the place close to the popular battlefield in the country the feeling is surely so very different. Visiting the museum and the war memorial where the tomb stones of all those army officers who laid their lives in the operation gave me jitters. The feeling was so very different and so very difficult to express.


Besides the model jet fighter it is the pointed peak which the Armyman fought for. The famous Tiger Hill. Though the hill is too far it still gave you that feeling and aura about what all could have happened in the place where I am standing right now.


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More plains and the break

While riding on one of the plains called the More plains it was an amazing experience doing something for the camera and sort of stage the photographs. It sure was a delight to do something i am never used to doing before. The plains were windy, cold and freezing but we never gave up and still did what we do best – take the chance and do it!
Though, the final product wasn’t the way we thought it would be but it isn’t too discouraging too.


It was later after we were done with the riding for that day and staging a performance for no one we managed to sip on some of the much needed energy drink.


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Pure innocence- this a picture from a village called hunder. We were stuck in the town because of the taxi strike and all we could do was to wander around and have a look at the place and maybe if possible interact with the locals. This cute, little girl was heading to her school when we met her. Sharp and agile she never really budged when we asked her where she was heading to and what is your name? my friend while doing something tripped and that mad her laugh like crazy. She spoke to us for a while and than shied away to her classes.


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Hemis Monastery

Captured in one of the oldest buddhist monasteries in India-Hemis Monastery. A place so serene and so very simple. It has a beautiful vibe with the prayers and chanting always heard in the background it sure is a place to visit when you visit the beautiful Leh Ladakh.

the picture was captured by our ride photographer and a friend Ankita Singh.

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Crossing the Streams

Crossing the ice water streams, feeling the chill and the pressure as you rise up. It is the willingness to see the unseen and experience the silence which makes you do what is beyond your caliber and expectations. It takes more than the strength to be where you wish to be. Keep moving.

Crossing the streams

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