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Ghata Loops

Gata Loops – You guys might want to google it and enjoy the amazing twisties google would show you. Though they look so amazing on the screen they are difficult to cross specially when you are tired to the core and climbing on the high altitude with lacking power from your motorcycle. Not a great combination.


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Present and Present from Nature

It gets tiring, dirty, rigid but we still make it. It is all about the adrenaline junkies like me. We enjoy that pain and still wish to move forward and it to the next level. It was never a breeze of a task to see, enjoy and ride in to the beautiful terrains which do look good and feels great but takes a lot out of you.


riding on those beautiful roads, it certainly is great till the time you have a challenge thrown by the nature in front of you. it is never an easy task to understand and implement what your mind and heart says.


Though, with each single day you feel magical, hysterical and powerful for you have conquered what others have just dreamt off. You made it to the top and made it well. It is powerful to stand there and pose for a camera which does capture the physicality of the nature and you in it but never the feeling on what has gone into making this very leap come to life.


eating what is never enjoy in the regular city life, munching without tantrums and quiet like an obedient boy. It is the same setup which can make you feel so different


Enjoy what you have for you never know what tomorrow has for you. It is never known and it would never be and I guess that is what it is called ‘Present’ A gift of time which is wrapped in the realities of life

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Fun, Monasteries and delightful faces

We pray to feel good, to enjoy the touch with positivity, nature, god. Some enjoy it and do it for the sake of that very feeling they have after that and some do it because they have to. It has a lot of difference in what you wish to have and how.
We visited the monasteries while in Leh and all we really enjoyed was the calmness the place has and the beauty it has. I have never known what is that charismatic factor some places have but it has never failed to entice me.


my friends who were on the trip never actually knew much about the monastery and Buddhism. It was great to see them enjoy the place, feel the magic which was easily tinkling in their eyes. A rare view of that delight and unknown positivity could be so very clearly be seen and enjoyed.


The monastery or I guess for that matter no place of worship is so serious as we think it would be. every place and every living thing has humour in it. It all depends on how we see and enjoy it from time and again.
While exiting the monastery we saw this beautiful sight of the little monks enjoying themselves and having a great time.
Never too easy or never too hard too ti be free, easy going and enjoy what you have in that very moment.


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Life is beyond paying bills

Life gives us all the reason to enjoy than to just pay the bills and be negative. While we were heading to Pangong Tso lake it was great seeing the beautiful scenery around and appreciating it every moment. It was after a while I realised something. I couldn’t see many people around. Why is that so? is the world a populated place and we have n no. of problems already? why are their no concrete structure. We humans are capable to do anything in our hand to make things happen to the next imaginable level.


One school of thought says, not everyone is so lucky to come here and enjoy it the way it should be. But the other says ‘I am crazy enough to be in a place less seen or enjoyed in a very non-conventional form’. I do not what it is but it sure is mesmerising and enjoyable to the core.


Riding to the less reachable terrain on a motorcycle is something not many people are comfortable about. It isn’t easy and surely out of the box for majority of the crowd we have around us. But if you wish to make history, how do you do it by doing something so conventional and so very easy. I have never known this concept or understood. Maybe time is the best judge to help me out with the answers


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Into the mountains this July

We somehow met due to common interest, wishes and maybe a liking for the nature which we as individuals have. Started off small but when it was time to part ways it was way bigger of the impact we all on each other. Motorcycle ride to Leh Ladakh was no less than a dream come true specially for all of us who barely knew each other but now we Know each other and what goes into driving us forward.


Going through some of the tough times in the trip, while riding, sleeping and ofcourse keeping up with the changing weather we never thought about anything beyond helping each other to the core.


One of those days we had a road block which means we were stalled for a good three days on the road. We had nothing to do but share experience and make the time as fruitful as it can be. The insight into the experience world was beyond imagination for all of us. Some things can never be replaced, repeated or re-lived again. I guess this was one of those days.


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Town of Miru, India

Town of Miru – a small town full of charismatic people with golden heart. We were stranded in this very town for a good three days due to complete washout of the highway roads leading to the city of Leh.
Cold, tired, hungry and frustrated a bit we felt helpless but within no time and every changing weather we could see the heart of the villagers who were more than willing to help us by feeding us with a hot cup of tea, not a packet but a box of biscuits (literally a box) and two meals for the day besides the smiling faces and words of encouragement showered always to keep us strong and determined that the road would open soon. Offering a place to sleep and food with a mighty heart was their way of conveying a message of brotherhood to the bikers and fellow travellers. Cheers and BRAVO to the people of Miru.

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Roaring Tigers in Leh Ladakh, India

Welcome to the land of Lamas. A serene town of Leh situated in the Ladakh range of Mountains. A small time which initially was a trade centre between India and China for centuries. Though the world has developed ten folds, visiting this very small and beautiful town is like pausing the time and enjoying the moment, serene beauty and the peaceful nature of the people.

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