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Tiger hill

While visiting the Drass War Memorial. It was a delightful experience meeting and interacting with the Army officers. While you are in the place close to the popular battlefield in the country the feeling is surely so very different. Visiting the museum and the war memorial where the tomb stones of all those army officers who laid their lives in the operation gave me jitters. The feeling was so very different and so very difficult to express.


Besides the model jet fighter it is the pointed peak which the Armyman fought for. The famous Tiger Hill. Though the hill is too far it still gave you that feeling and aura about what all could have happened in the place where I am standing right now.


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More plains and the break

While riding on one of the plains called the More plains it was an amazing experience doing something for the camera and sort of stage the photographs. It sure was a delight to do something i am never used to doing before. The plains were windy, cold and freezing but we never gave up and still did what we do best – take the chance and do it!
Though, the final product wasn’t the way we thought it would be but it isn’t too discouraging too.


It was later after we were done with the riding for that day and staging a performance for no one we managed to sip on some of the much needed energy drink.


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Pure innocence- this a picture from a village called hunder. We were stuck in the town because of the taxi strike and all we could do was to wander around and have a look at the place and maybe if possible interact with the locals. This cute, little girl was heading to her school when we met her. Sharp and agile she never really budged when we asked her where she was heading to and what is your name? my friend while doing something tripped and that mad her laugh like crazy. She spoke to us for a while and than shied away to her classes.


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Ladakhi Dress and the calm mind

People in the region of Ladakh and some of the towns surrounding the town of Leh have a different outfit. It takes us back to the time in the history books and to those pictures which showed us what people wore during those times. We did laugh a bit of those pictures (atleast i did) but when we look at the same thing in real life it does look so surreal. Their charm, magnificence, and the charisma is never to be seen anywhere else.


Speaking to them was way different that what I initially thought about. I do not know how do they do it and keep themselves the way they are.

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Feeling blessed with Lord Siddhartha

A statue of lord Siddhartha at the Diskit Monastery is one of a kind. With the majestic view of the statue and its location is sure makes us one of those small creatures. It felt being blessed to be close to the feet of the Lord and seek the blessings and enjoy the nature around of Golden mountains and positivity around.


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Prayer flags and the mountains

Prayer flag have a great importance in the buddhist religion. Besides brings in a good omen and great amount of positivity. I have never personally tied them to my motorcycle ever but do respect them and would always look for them whenever i can and pray to god for the well-being and support for everyone who goes to the mountains and enjoy the adventure.


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Ghata Loops

Gata Loops – You guys might want to google it and enjoy the amazing twisties google would show you. Though they look so amazing on the screen they are difficult to cross specially when you are tired to the core and climbing on the high altitude with lacking power from your motorcycle. Not a great combination.


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