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Late Afternoon magic

This was clicked on one of the last ferries we took to head towards Karnataka, India. It was the late afternoon and a sudden cool breeze which just made us so much calmer, happier after all the heat we had for the entire day. The orange hue of the sun just made us so much happier and gave us some of the best views one can imagine.
It is some of those little things which matter in life. The views, the feelings and that moment would never be replicated back no matter what.

How many of such moments do you remember? I do remember a few from a huge bunch of events I have had so far in life.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish !!

Photos, Ride

Perfect sunset – Check

After a good hard day riding around on the coastal route, we reached the destination for the day. All thanks to my friend who saw the perfect setting some while we parked our motorcycles. He gave a shoutout to all of us pointing towards the setting sun. We were at one spot in no time.
After a quick arrangement with the ride, we parked ourselves at the back and made up just in time for this nice photo.

Isn’t it amazing?

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United for a ferry

While we were on time to catch some of the ferries we did miss some of them by a minute. The best part about the ferry system in this part of India is usually their punctuality and clarity on what can be accommodated in one go. A few of us reached the entry point on time a few of our friends took time. We decided to go together which means a wait for a good 45 minutes.
We indulged in clicking some nice photos and some healthy banter.


Ferrying around in Maharastra

While we did the coastal route from Mumbai, India to a state of Karnataka, India, we took a lot of ferries. They save time and helped us with the much-needed break after riding in the humid climate. The views from the ferries are so very spectacular.
I often have chosen a route less chosen by many and usually do it at my own pace. It gives me peace, satisfaction and helps me see what is usually ignored by many as they prefer taking the highways.


Costal route Ride

One of the best roads one can ride onto while in Maharastra, India. The ever-changing hues of the western ghats overlooking the beautiful ocean. An experience like never before. While on the ride to a beautiful location we passed through this treeline which offered a great natural cover and added a new hue to otherwise sunny roads we usually have on the highways.
I had a brief chance to ride to Royal Enfield Interceptor for this trip. I enjoyed the ride on it.

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Mountain scape of the Rongme Ngatra ri looking on his glacier (Cho La Ri), Tibet

The first sunbeams in the morning are reaching the rocks and peak, the clouds are clearing up.
The grassland region to the northeast of Tro La pass-4864m (or Cho La Pass) is known as Yilhun. Here two rivers, the Tro(Cho)-chu and Dzenu-chu drain from the Trola Range to form the Yi-chu, a fast-flowing tributary of the Nyag chu ཉག་ཆུ་ (Yalong). Here I visited the sacred glacial lake of Yilhun Lha Tso-4110m, situated some 30km below the Tro La pass. This lake is one of the most beautiful in all Tibet བོད. Its shores bedecked with colossal carved mani stones, many of which are the work of a local stone carver named Trador. The mountains and rocks surrounding the lake are said to assume the divine form of the Cakrasamvara mandala to those who have the pure vision to perceive them as such.

Yilhun Lhatso Nature Reserve (190 sq km), extending from the lakeshore as far as the jagged snow peaks of the Trola range to the south, is a natural habitat for176 species of wild animals, including the red deer (cervus albirostris), the snow leopard, the argali, the red fox and various birds of prey. the flora of the reserve include distinctive azaleas, dragon spruce(Picea asperata),cypresses and the snow lotus སྤྱང་དུག་པ changdukpa (Sasssurea laniceps ) .
The Nomads of these upper valleys supplement their income by collecting caterpillar fungus for Chinese medicinal consumption.