Day 7: Back to civilisation

Serene and peaceful campsite overlooking the bright sunny sky and a turquise blue water shinning like a silver. it is one of this mesmerising view which can never been seen again not probably on the same day for it just looks better which each passing hour.
We had the breakfast and with all the luggage ready to be packed again in the SUVs it was time to move on to the next destination and back to the civilisation.


Besides everyone being so happy with the view and the fresh wind they had just one thing in their mind. A clean concrete place to stay where they can all take a good hot shower for a long time. Having no shower for all this while in the cold weather is absolutely fine but due to regular practice and upbringing we tend to be a bit fussy about it.
We moved on towards the city of Leh, crossing some of the very beautiful mountains and streams on the way. Everyone had that delightful face with a bit of an eagerness to see what would the city of Leh would look like.
Stopping at one the place for some quick snack after a bit of a hard riding one of the females asked me if she could be a pillion with me up till leh. I agreed but asked to only hop on once we cross the ‘Chang la Pass’ the third highest motor able road in the world.


She agreed to the same and we moved on towards the mighty pass. I was more than happy to be out there for it would be the very first time i would reaching the mountain with my own motorcycle. The joy and pleasure to reach out there on my own motorcycle was so very different.
We finally made it. After a good what for some time i changed my t shirt and rode with my motorcycle to the very spot where they have mentioned the details about the mountain and the altitude. Not being aware of the sue system which followed up there too I just got in with the motorcycle. Some of the rude guys HAD to say something annoying to which I just apologised and asked if i could just take a photo and leave. They didn’t budge and had to keep on arguing about the entire thing. I swiftly moved back and let those idiots take the photograph only to wait for some more time. I just moved further after some time and asked the photographer to click a few shots quickly and leave the place. I was least interested, bothered and willing to take the photo out there but as we were out there might as well do the needful and LEAVE.


The worst part of the road was over. With a proper tarmac and a lot of people seen on the sides of the roads we moved further to the junction where we could finally spot some ATMS, food joints and a store where you can buy anything you wish to. It was a bit of a delight to see some of the familiar things out there. We stopped over for the much needed lunch. Everyone looked tired, dark and roughed up to the core. Enjoying the proper food they all needed we all cheered for one guy who actually managed to finish the trip. it was the first time that he had managed to do a long trip and thet too on the rented motorcycle. Hats off and Bravo to the guy. We all cheered for him.


Strangely everyone was on the phone checking there messages, emails and many other applications which they haven’t been in touch with since some time now.
We moved further into the city and finally to the place where were to call the night.

Big spacious rooms and bathrooms and the running hot water. Everyone was finally in their respective rooms and awaiting their turn to finally freshen up and relax.
With the evening at leisure and no more riding for the day it was time to unwind and wear some comfortable clothing and enjoy the sumptuous food at a good restaurant.

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