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Day 6: At the Pangong Tso Lake

They say you can think better when you are fresh. Well, I was but the people in the group needed much of the comfort and cozy place to stay over after a couple of days of venturing out in the camps. Camping for a few days is fun but when the excitement in it fizzes out it just tents to take a toll on your mind. I had a bit of an issue with my rear brakes. They weren’t so effective which means I would need to do something about the same. Luckily the photographer had the connectivity in her cellphone. While everyone was fresh and some what ready to leave I happen to speak to the technician in the dealership who suggested i ‘Bleed’ the brakes. The process which he explained was so very complicated in the first go. Besides the process doing the same in this very terrain is a bit of a risky business as if something goes wrong i wouldn’t have any option but to go slow till the time I can resolve the issue.

Being confident and a bit determined I tried and did the process a couple of times. Hopping on the motorcycle I headed for a spin and trial the brakes. it was a bit better but not too effective. The feeling of satisfaction you have once you have done something like this is beyond imagination. I was happy that i could do something myself and take things forward.
We were off to the mighty Pangong Tso Lake. The place is famous for many reason one of them being the Bollywood connection. One of the famous movie named ‘3 idiots’ is shot on the banks of the lake.

Riding on to the open road with some of the most mesmerising views felt so great and much on top of the world. It was a deja vu moment passing by the same road but at a different time and with a fresher mind.
Approaching the ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Post) we finished the formalities. While doing so one of the female from the car happen to speak to one of the officers about the road conditions ahead followed by a way to the restroom.
easing herself out she walks up to me and asked me if she could be a pillion with me on the motorcycle. With what I have known about her I suggested she sits quietly without dancing and jumping around or getting up on the foot pegs. She very happy nodded with a big smile and ran towards the car to grab the helmet and a thicker jacket.
She was with me on the ride from the check post till the next stop where we halt for lunch. She was enjoying the view and as suggested she was quiet the entire time.


I would always pin point something interesting while on the ride to share it with the group and to my fellow riders. It is just one of those simple ways to communicate without uttering a word to anyone ( I feel so).
I did spot her some beautiful birds and some of the camouflaged army bunkers made on the higher parts of the mountains. It is so very different to guard this very barren land which belongs to the same country where our cities are. With the world of a difference between the two places we can only imagine what a soldier would have been going through by always been so very ready and alert at all times in this very virgin beauty.


Approaching one of the check post I asked the female to sit in the car for sometime for there were some amazing roads ahead and we would want to take this opportunity to take some beautiful shots. She agreed with a smile but asked me if she could be a part of it again. I just gave her a thumbs up.
The roads were indeed so very beautiful and I was happy I had some of the more isolated shots on the motorcycle riding it in the best of the ways i can.

Reaching a small village i spotted a board which read “Satellite Phone”. I was a bit surprised and a bit shocked to see that board. Thinking if it was actually possible to have the phone out there. We stopped for a much needed break. Having some delicious noodles and omelette we chatted about the roads and how far we had to go. To which the reply for the locals were very straight faced and clear. “The roads ahead would bit bad” listening to which some of them looked at me” laughing off the moment I freshened up and approached the tent where the satellite phone was. I asked the guy sitting there if the phone was working to which he just welcomed me with a broad smile. The only person I could think of speaking to was the dealership to ask them about my rear brakes. They were effective but not too effective. Trying to call up a multiple times i got connected finally and spoke to some familiar voices. explaining them the issue they suggested I speak to them again in another 10-15 minutes for the technical teams needs to know about the same and it would better if they provided the solution thereby avoiding the errors.
walking and stretching around for some time I called the dealership again. The explained the entire process in detail to which I just couldn’t do it in the real time but to memorise what has been told and do the needful upon reaching the Pinging Tso Lake. Thanking the dealership I bit a good bye to them on the phone and slowly asked everyone to get ready for we need to leave.
After a point i just couldn’t ride further and had to stop over. I asked my friend if he could be of some help and ride my motorcycle for a some time. The roads were getting a bit bad and so was the weather up to some extent. He was delighted and happy to ride my motorcycle for he had never so far rode it for a long distance. He quickly was ready with his set of gears and moved ahead with the motorcycle.


After a travel for a good 5-6 hours we managed to reach the mighty Pangong Tso lake. it was truly beautiful and something worth enjoying with every bit of it. Everyone stopped and some just asked from a distance “ can we take a dip in the lake” to which I replied why not? turning around to my friend who was already in his shorts to get into the water.
Everyone enjoyed the splash and fun in the water clicking some amazing photographs. It was fun seeing them enjoy. We than let for the camps and called it the night.

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