Day 5: Visit to the highest Observatory in the World – Hanle

Get up ! Hello there, can you please get up ! with a bit of a surprise hearing the voice i saw our female photographer who was standing out there staring straight into my eyes. I was wondering what could have been the problem even after hearing and knowing what the problem was. She repeated herself again to which I immediately got and asked if i could take some time to be ready to take her to the army hospital which was close by.

I gushed to the washroom and was ready in a bit and off to the motorcycle along with her. With that charming face brimming with excitement and fun all the times was done and way too pale today. It wasn’t the same. I wasn’t sure of what the problem could have been for all I knew was she had a headache. It can be due to many reasons. Guessing and self medication might just spoil the came and might make things from bad to worse.

Reaching the main gate to the army camp I make an entry and take her to the Doctor who after listening to the whole problem asked her to lay on the bed and take the oxygen for some time. It was just the case of mountain sickness. With a sigh of relief I could see her steadily taking up the oxygen and feeling better with each breath of fresh oxygen which went into the lungs.
While chatting with the doctor we happen to speak to him about how far the border post with China was and that would serious problems have the soldiers faced in this harsh climate conditions. It was great to know a bit about how the Army functions in this beautiful but treacherous terrain.

Moving back to the camps we saw people getting ready and I was happy I had an early but not so pleasant start to the day but well it was great to see the hush hush to visit the next best destination in the itinerary.
She was doing fine now and a bit fit too after the fresh oxygen input in her body.
We head back the treacherous road crossing one mile at time. It was painful finishing that rough patch and on to the freshly laid tarmac. Riding slowly but steadily towards the next destination my eyes were longing for the tarmac. I couldn’t take the jumps and bumps any more, not at least today. I thought to myself. After riding for a good three hours I could see the tarmac. Phew..

I would soon be gliding on that road and would have a great chance to open up the throttle.
Off I went opening up the engine and enjoying the wind fluttering my riding jacket. It was fun and so very enjoyable.
The road soon led to the Indo-Tibetan Border post bridge. One of the very important bridge in the northern region which is guarded by the Tibetan and indian army jointly. Stopping over to prove the identity and furnishing the permits to go ahead I was asked by a few of the females in the group if they could join me for the ride on the motorcycle (at least for some time). I agreed to take one of the female who was more than happy waiting till now for her turn to sit on the motorcycle.
Crossing the bridge i ask her to hop on and we were off on the beautiful, curvy and flat terrain road. The beautiful kept on changing with every few corners we took. it was just so very beautiful and mesmerising. She was enjoying the ride to the core and I could feel that for she never spoke a word and she was always looking on her left and right. Miles went by fast. real fast.



Approaching the village of Hanle. she asked me if she could go back in the car. I stopped over and waited for the car to reach us. I asked her about how she felt being a pillion on this beautiful road on such a fast motorcycle to which she replied “it was one of the best ride i have had so far in my life” I was so happy and delighted to her about her experience on my motorcycle.
Approaching the town go Hanle and seeing the beautiful village which hardly has a population of a good one thousand people in total. It was so beautiful seeing no banks, atms, fast food joints and the general chaos of any village.
We approached straight to the Hanle Observatory where the biggest telescope of the country is and probably is also the highest observatory in the world is.



Climbing up the mountain and seeing the silver dome which shine bright in the faded sunlight I was so very happy and excited to see the place and the beautiful it was surrounded with.
Visiting the telescope and meeting the engineers in the observatory we realised it was no less than a dream come true to ride all this way and up to the telescope.



The last stop for the day was at the homestay we had finalised for the night stay. It was a simple place with small rooms where you enjoyed the raw beauty and connect with the locals. it was one of those filled with lot of joy, beauty and inner happiness.
The night was even more dramatic where we could see the moonrise and the bright sky full of stars lighting up the sky. it was so very mesmerising and so very unseen though we see the same sky from our cities it felt as if we were from a different planet or maybe we have reached a different planet.

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