Day 3: Adventure with a Dip in the cold water lake

Mountains are calling. Crisp morning, clear blue sky and the adventurous road. What more can one ask for? rearing to move ahead and enjoy the road we finish the breakfast and head forward. riding towards the destination ahead we move on. Passing mountains, people, motorcycles and a couple of small villages it just makes me think how lucky I am to have had this beautiful chance to ride this beautiful motorcycle up the mountains. Many many hours later we stop over for food. It was a good weather we had and thankfully some good roads too I have had been enjoying ever bit of my motorcycle till a point when I see one notorious stream. I slow down. With my palpitating heart and a bit of a fear i could feel my heartbeat. It wasn’t easy moving forward. The stream wasn’t too big or too fast but it sure was the same one where I have had a fall last year. I was literally staring at the stream. Unable to move forward and take the step I kept on powering my motorcycle in the neutral. i simply couldn’t move further until my friend came over and asked me if i was ok. I couldn’t reply him. With a heavy heart and a lot of thinking I moved on. Less power, no confidence and absolutely careful about where my motorcycle was passing through. Being over conscious shakes you from the inside and which is what happened. I had a Fall. The cold water was using through my riding gear and into my helmet. I very well knew I had a fall but never aware of what exactly could have happened to the motorcycle. I got up, disappointed, disheartened and heartbroken. I see my motorcycle laying low. My friend’s help me pick up the motorcycle and take it out of the stream. I have no words to express how I felt in front of the stream and in between a group of twenty people. I had no guts to take off my helmet and feel the air, take a breath. i just couldn’t do it. I check the motorcycle seeing every possible details and touching the body as if it is a living being. I was heart broken seeing some of the minor scratches on the exhaust. It was simply unacceptable. With no choice in hand at the very moment I simply fired up the engine and moved on.

Moved on to the endless hairpin turns and many corners on the mountains. A stream again! Just had recovered from the trauma which the first stream gave me. My mind and heart were definitely weren’t ready for the second one. though while getting closer to the stream I saw two guys passing the stream on their respective royal enfield motorcycle. Seeing the tires being soaked in the water i noticed it wasn’t too deep nor the current so powerful as the last one.

Lowering a gear I power up the engine and move on. Splashing the water around and on my own self I pass through. I DID it. Felt powerful and satisfied being back in the mood and being able to do what i feared a while back. Moving on with a feeling of satisfaction I prance forward to one of the small mountain lake called the “Deepak Tal” A famous place because of the lake and a couple of food places next to it. I stop there and try getting a bit dry when all of a sudden one of my friend comes in and asks me about how i was after crossing the stream? I said” it felt good” to which he simply asked me to take of my clothes and take a dip in the mountain lake. Feeling the cold wind on my face and shivering a bit already with the fall at the stream I was so very sure of not entering that cold water. relaxing in the chair a couple of guys come over and ask me to change and take a dip with them in the lake. I just laughed off the idea to which they were sure to lift me up with the chair and throw me in the lake. Determined and ready to lift me I tried conniving them but it was all in vain.



Finally with no choice but to change and take a dip I put on my shorts and head to the water. It was bloody cold. My toe was close to numb just touching the water going in with the entire body is an unimaginable task. After a lot of forcing and pushing i ran in and took a dip. Phew, Cold to the core but totally refreshed with the cold water bath it felt good and electrifying.
refreshed, energised and ready to move on I start gearing up again to move on to the stop of the day called Sarchu. The place is known to have some of the harshest climate and at times sleepless nights. The only way to survive the place is to reach soon, have dinner and sleep and get going with the first ray of light.

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