Day 2: Getting back on the feet with a fixed liver

Early morning and determined mind makes you do a lot of things. The first on the priority was the liver which i had to fix for the my trip further into the mountains. Seeing the beautiful motorcycle in that state in the morning isn’t a very good sight. So i get on fixing the liver with the strong adhesive (Araldite and some sand) hoping it would be done by evening. With a bit of a relief I take care of the group and their excursions for the day. After breakfast we decide to head to one of the monasteries which is on one of the mountains. Besides acclimatising them for the trip further it was also one of the only ways to keep them busy and make them enjoy the nature.

it was a great trek all the way up to the monastery. With many people panting and many enjoying the climb all the way up to the mountain I could feel a lot of positivity and i loved that.

while on the way back to the camp I again had all the possible thoughts of the motorcycle which needs to be back on the road and at the same time the route further. It was a bit fearful but seeing the way we tried fixing the liver in the morning I was a bit hopeful that it would surely be done.

After lunch and a bit of a relaxing we head to the camps. With that anxiousness and a million thoughts running in my head I was super eager to see the fixed liver on the motorcycle. Wallah, the liver looks fine but which when fixed with the screw and the bolt it conked off again. This was truly depressing a lot frustrating on all the stupid moves i made while riding all the way up here.

my friend than came up with a noble idea. As the place where we stayed has a market and a bit of a civilisation we thought of exploring the market and finding a liver which would more or less be the same as the original liver. We venture into the market and find one of the liver which is so very similar to the original one. not being so happy about it and celebrating too early we head back and tried fixing it and wallah. it was done.

Tried operating the clutch but it wasn’t in the same manner what it should be. I luckily had the network in my cellphone which meant calling the Workshop and asking them about what can be done to fix it, If at all.
After understanding a few settings and a few amendments in one of the cables it was sorted. finally, the motorcycle is back to life and roaring to head forward to the new level.

Had never imagined that I would be able to fix the issue and head forward for the trip on this beautiful motorcycle Heading to the dining room with a happy face I finish my dinner and end the day with a satisfying sleep.


Day 1: Here


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