Ride, Self-Realisation, Travel

Fun, Monasteries and delightful faces

We pray to feel good, to enjoy the touch with positivity, nature, god. Some enjoy it and do it for the sake of that very feeling they have after that and some do it because they have to. It has a lot of difference in what you wish to have and how.
We visited the monasteries while in Leh and all we really enjoyed was the calmness the place has and the beauty it has. I have never known what is that charismatic factor some places have but it has never failed to entice me.


my friends who were on the trip never actually knew much about the monastery and Buddhism. It was great to see them enjoy the place, feel the magic which was easily tinkling in their eyes. A rare view of that delight and unknown positivity could be so very clearly be seen and enjoyed.


The monastery or I guess for that matter no place of worship is so serious as we think it would be. every place and every living thing has humour in it. It all depends on how we see and enjoy it from time and again.
While exiting the monastery we saw this beautiful sight of the little monks enjoying themselves and having a great time.
Never too easy or never too hard too ti be free, easy going and enjoy what you have in that very moment.



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