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Bright coloured jacket, pee breaks and adventure

Bright colours misty air, cold winds and the beautiful terrains. It is beautiful to be on the peaks and enjoy the view. Why a bright jacket? asked my friend. It is the beauty of the terrain and the mesmerising view which at times do not less us see any fatal activities if any from far off and so the bright coloured clothing. I am sure there are many more reasons than just this one. It was just to sink him in to the place and let him enjoy what matters the most.


Pee breaks have been a great part of the trip. It all turns down to how you faced the time on a motorcycle from the last break till the very moment. The explanation is always dramatic, apocalyptic and interesting in its own ways. The best part which eludes me is the vision which every single would have from the very same path they have been riding on at the very same time but still what their eyes see, what they heart takes in and what they enjoy is completely different.


Slush, slush and more of the mud slush. Many enjoy it many hate it and than their is a Fall. A big one at times or maybe just a skid. Adventure has never been a streamlined activity but a combination of many endless possibilities.


Come be a part of the adventure this July and enjoy the beautiful terrains of the Northern most point of India. Follow us on Facebook to join in, enjoy the photos and videos from the past trips or you can simply say hello. The choice is yours !

Have a good day people !


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