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Life is beyond paying bills

Life gives us all the reason to enjoy than to just pay the bills and be negative. While we were heading to Pangong Tso lake it was great seeing the beautiful scenery around and appreciating it every moment. It was after a while I realised something. I couldn’t see many people around. Why is that so? is the world a populated place and we have n no. of problems already? why are their no concrete structure. We humans are capable to do anything in our hand to make things happen to the next imaginable level.


One school of thought says, not everyone is so lucky to come here and enjoy it the way it should be. But the other says ‘I am crazy enough to be in a place less seen or enjoyed in a very non-conventional form’. I do not what it is but it sure is mesmerising and enjoyable to the core.


Riding to the less reachable terrain on a motorcycle is something not many people are comfortable about. It isn’t easy and surely out of the box for majority of the crowd we have around us. But if you wish to make history, how do you do it by doing something so conventional and so very easy. I have never known this concept or understood. Maybe time is the best judge to help me out with the answers



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