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Into the mountains this July

We somehow met due to common interest, wishes and maybe a liking for the nature which we as individuals have. Started off small but when it was time to part ways it was way bigger of the impact we all on each other. Motorcycle ride to Leh Ladakh was no less than a dream come true specially for all of us who barely knew each other but now we Know each other and what goes into driving us forward.


Going through some of the tough times in the trip, while riding, sleeping and ofcourse keeping up with the changing weather we never thought about anything beyond helping each other to the core.


One of those days we had a road block which means we were stalled for a good three days on the road. We had nothing to do but share experience and make the time as fruitful as it can be. The insight into the experience world was beyond imagination for all of us. Some things can never be replaced, repeated or re-lived again. I guess this was one of those days.


join me this July for the Ride to Leh Ladakh and experience the magic the place has to offer and the adventure which would go into the making this experience different, worthwhile and powerful to the core.

join us on Facebook to know about our adventure, being a part of them or to just enjoy the photos at leisure.

thank you

Good day.


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