Riding and feeling the change

Life is a journey. it all depends on how you enjoy it and how you cherish the little joys one can have in the moments you live in. I am a motorcyclist and I enjoy the moments which has passed by and which I see best from the view of my helmet. Enclosed and safe i feel which is tough to explain and difficult to put in words. It is the experience which would give you the answers you seek in life. It is all there and around you just need to grab it and be a part of the magic. Time and again

Ride from Manali to Leh, India

Follow the links below to know more about trips I would be conducting.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jjilltmec

Twitter: @jjilltmec

Instagram: @jjilltmec

Email: jjilltmec@gmail.com

you can follow me too on

Facebook:janak mistry

Twitter: @janaknmistry


email: janaknmistry@yahoo.com

Hope you enjoy them and ride with me too on one of the locations we ride to.

Ride Safe.



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