Grab the nature with open hands

Nature has many calls. It is silent yet loud in its own way. We live in noise which is temporary, unnecessary and fake. Disconnected and dismantled in the modern life we have been slaves to technology due to which we fail to address, enjoy and cherish this very little views and pleasure which the nature has to surprise us and grab us with open hands.

It is beautiful out there. You need to stop, breath and enjoy the view. All the time.

Mountains and the sky. Himachal Pradesh, India

Follow the links below to know more about trips I would be conducting.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jjilltmec

Twitter: @jjilltmec

Instagram: @jjilltmec

Email: jjilltmec@gmail.com

you can follow me too on

Facebook:janak mistry

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email: janaknmistry@yahoo.com

Hope you enjoy them and ride with me too on one of the locations we ride to.

Ride Safe.





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