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Meeting you was meeting myself

It was a lovely day riding on this amazing roads and seeing everything in sync with the plan. It was easy so far and special too when on our way to the White desert we met Sandesh Shivaraju who rode on his KTM all the way from Bangaluru. A solo rider who stopped over at some of the amazing places and witnessing the beauty of the nature without any hurdles, people and above all time bound move.

It was a co-incidence that we met him at this very juncture where the photo was clicked. I stopped by on the side to check on the route on the GPS for we had two riders already ahead of us. While checking and chatting with the fellow travellers we hear an unfamiliar voice from someone on the orange KTM. A polite, soft spoken voice asked “are you guys riding to the white desert?” to which I replied yes. Can I join you guys on the ride too for I am all alone. He had a south indian accent which clearly indicated me that he is a bit unfamiliar with the location and the route.

We started off with the new member in the clan. I never knew that during the toughest time of my life I would have this very unknown soul next to me.

I had goofed up while reaching the desert on time because of which we missed out on the sunset view. I had bit of a harsh words pouring in from the fellow rider. It was all completely true. When you are the leader you need to be focused on multiple things and I feel bad to say I missed out on one of the key turns.

I couldn’t face anyone and some of them knew too of what happened out there but no one came up to me and was next to me but Sandesh did. He could sense and understand what was in my head. I couldn’t face him too. It was hard to control my emotions.

I was never satisfied unless I could do whatever i wished for in a proper, perfect manner. I felt guilty, low and shameful for goofing up my own planned trip.

I could never forget that day and the moment I was in. It wouldn’t be a great idea to not thank Sandesh for being around me and helping me out.

Thanks a million bro. I owe you big time.


The meeting

IMG_0733The picture was clicked when he was riding back to Mumbai and than to bangaluru. He stopped over for the night halt and I had to be with him till he called the out there in the guest house.

Thanks a million bro. !!

Ride safe !



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