Crowding the pan

One thing you’ll discover when you start pan roasting brussel sprouts or tomatoes (or running a theater or an airline, or just about anything for that matter) is that more is not always better.

Sure, I know that you have three uncooked sprouts left, and it would be a shame to not serve them, but if you add those three to the pan with the others, the entire batch will suffer.

Adding one more is just fine, until adding one more ruins everything.

Greed costs.

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2 thoughts on “Crowding the pan”

  1. Oh my God , you have to list to this. As per my mutton recipe, 10-15 min is the appropriate time for the cook. But at the 12th min–it burns. grrrr… exasperates me, as my dish is spoiled. Patience is the key here

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