Producers and consumers

In the short run, it’s more fun to be a consumer. It sure seems like consumers have power. The customer is always right, of course. The consumer can walk away and shop somewhere else.

In the long run, though, the smart producer wins, because the consumer comes to forget how to produce. As producers consolidate (and they often do) they are the ones who ultimately set the agenda.

Producers do best when they serve the market, but they also have the power to lead the market.

The more you produce and the more needs you meet, the more freedom you earn.

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2 thoughts on “Producers and consumers”

  1. 50% off, sales–yipee !. Buy one get 2 free– well … well what a trap !! “consumer’s day out”.Producers play thoughtfully. Contentment factor is mutual here. Producer creates the market, generates the need. And consumer have a perception that they buy cautiously as per their limited demand.
    Its a circle, chasing is unending aspect, continual circle. Who has the power — that’s again a question, keeping in mind whose profit is beyond the expectation.

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