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A Trip To Rediscovery

There are moments that come and go but there are some, which we wish to cherish, share and re-live. I had one of those moments while I was in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. I was solo on the trip and it had a few reasons besides my personal wish and interest. Maybe I enjoyed my own company and like to see things the way I wish to look at.

Land of Gods

One bright, beautiful crisp morning I was sat off to explore a less explored location called ‘Naggar’. Besides seeing the new place and enjoying the beauty I was interested more into looking at my own self and thinking about the near future and planning my next move. The best part about being in such places is the connect you have with your own self and less of noise and faces around you. I guess one of the advantage to be in the city was to understand and clarify my own self on what I DO NOT wish to possess or be like in my future life.

It is a bit challenging to focus on the key issues and challenges you would face in the near future and that you have limited time to think about while you are in this beautiful place.

Though I had no set plans about my return trip back to the concrete jungle I was focused more on the agenda that I had set for myself.

Besides thinking and re-thinking about my plan for my near future I sat in the bus and within no time I could see some beautiful, gorgeous looking school girls boarding the bus. Upon asking one of the girl sitting next to me about if I was in the correct bus she very politely asked me where do I wish to go. Upon mentioning the place she very politely said ‘we have our school out there and as it would be a school time when we reach we ‘Have To’ be in this bus’. My schooling was in the boarding school where I could see my classroom from my bedroom window. Feeling the struggle they face in their day-to-day life I felt shallow being someone who have had all the luxuries in life but still unhappy with many little things in life.

I have been sitting for a while now unable to enjoy the beauty outside the bus due to heavy rainfall but waiting at the same time for the conductor to give my the ticket. I noticed after a while that he did collect the money from the passengers but never issued any formal ticket for their journey. I wished to ask the reason behind the very unique system but never had the guts to ask around which left me with no choice but to leave the thought aside for later.

Into the Woods

While in the bus I noticed that everyone is polite when they speak to each other and have that priceless smile on their faces and no one slept in the bus though it was seven in the morning. This maybe due to the beautiful music tracks played in the bus or the beauty outside the window. I couldn’t resist but compare the scenario with the city life and laugh on my own self about living a life in a place where people have no interest in looking around and that smile is for the known and not the unknown.

Life gives you interesting turn and moments it is up to us to cherish and value those moments.


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