Speak Sweet

How about you realise one day that you can’t speak? A motion which can express your emotion is simply lost. A pure silence and suddenly a rush of thoughts fills the mind and heart. The silence within kills you and gives you a constant reminder of a feeling that you have to strive harder just to get your thought conveyed. Learning a sign language would be a mission for the mind accepts the reality but the heart still doesn’t feel the defeat and accepts the natural fact that you can no longer speak.

A sudden rush of thoughts surges in the head about all those moments when you spoke and those thoughts about when you abused or insulted someone. It was a sheer misuse of the power vested upon us. Every motion we express is incomplete or incorrectly interpreted which makes it frustrating.
Value the beautiful sound you have for it is not everyone who is privileged to express what they feel in words. I could think of a situation where I have my friends around and can listen to what they say but cannot hear even my own laughter at some of the silly jokes we always crack. It is their changed expression which gives you this feeling of sympathy which you hate but have no choice but to accept it which forces one’s own self to accept the reality. It is just so different being around with the same people you know who understood you so well but feel distant, a bit disconnected and numb about what you are going through.
We use expressions, feelings and emotions to convey the best and the worst of the feeling though we know how to speak but suddenly when we lose that mode of communication it becomes even more difficult to express what we feel.
Speaking is used more as a back up to expressing what we feel and convey the message in simple words which can be understood by the world. It wouldn’t be wise to use it to abuse. Speak sweet and speak well for the mode of communication isn’t easy but difficult to be sweet, polite and loveable.
I am writing this post in the middle of the night when I had this dream and could get up only when I realised I was crying. I couldn’t wait but capture the thought and lastly listen to my own voice just to re-assure that I have my own voice and that it was just a thought which crossed my Mind and strong enough to bring me jitters, shivers and tears even in my sleep.
Speak sweet.
Speak Sweet 
Image courtesy: cdmistry
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