Book Review: The Race A Novella by Jacke Wilson

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The book starts off a bit dry but slowly brings upon that quirkiness. I admire the governor’s character-someone who is more than determined to fight and make a comeback no matter what people think of him. Even after being humiliated by his Italian mistress, his sons and his wife he still goes strong with this character, smile and determination to fight against a stronger opponent.

The story has its own pace and takes you by surprise on every shameless and unplanned statement the governor has to prove himself.

The biographer has a lot to say and suggest but keeps it to himself only to avoid losing the important non-confidential assignment he has.

The story showcases a lot of American humour which clearly shows how people from different parts of the country think and behave differently in a particular situation.

All in all a hilarious piece of work with two different characters who come together to shape up the life of the governor in words and in turn realise that how sensitive and greedy can human nature be at times. A great politician comedy wrapped with an insight on the changing human nature.


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