Dedicated to someone I would be Missing Badly- My Milk Man

It is one of those sad days when someone who works for your family goes away for good. A simple man with no ambition or dreams in his heart, just knows the service to the best he can provide to my grand parents. He was the one called for by my grand mother before her sons or someone else from the family. He didn’t have any family or maybe if he had he never wished to go and meet them for he felt that my grand parents would  be alone without his service and they would have to do some things with the help of someone else.

I was introduced to him in my life as a “Milk Man” who comes home everyday in the morning irrespective of the weather, health issues or any other reason. I have
seen him for the last 27 years doing the same job with a smile on his face and a true, genuine heart which anyone could fall for. Being the youngest in my  generation I was always the one pampered and looked after more than anyone. In my school life I was in the boarding school which give me lesser time at home to which whenever he sees me in the morning he always asked me how I was and how was it going on my end?
As it’s said “you never know the importance of someone until you lose them” I guess today is one of those days when he goes for good and would never be returning back.

Though being an illiterate he was always a soft spoken and kind hearted person. Politics was something which he was never introduced to.

When I got to know about the news of him leaving the job I felt as if I am loosing someone close to me. No one knows where he would be going for he doesn’t remember  his village and maybe not even his family. I guess he was no less then an angel in my life who saw me grew up and asked me how I was just when no one bothered to. Rolling tears from my eyes I write this post missing that “Milk Man” in my life who has shown me the way to simplicity and being myself.

Picture courtesy: here (Milk Man with his simple Tools)

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