Town of Miru, India


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Town of Miru – a small town full of charismatic people with golden heart. We were stranded in this very town for a good three days due to complete washout of the highway roads leading to the city of Leh.
Cold, tired, hungry and frustrated a bit we felt helpless but within no time and every changing weather we could see the heart of the villagers who were more than willing to help us by feeding us with a hot cup of tea, not a packet but a box of biscuits (literally a box) and two meals for the day besides the smiling faces and words of encouragement showered always to keep us strong and determined that the road would open soon. Offering a place to sleep and food with a mighty heart was their way of conveying a message of brotherhood to the bikers and fellow travellers. Cheers and BRAVO to the people of Miru.

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