Open Roads in Kutch

Open roads and Isolation makes this place magical and a bit more interesting. The roads end in the horizon making the ride so very surreal and so very enjoyable.

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Mandvi Palace, Kutch

Built in the year 1929 for Rao Vijayrajji, the palace is an archetype of fusion architecture with a mix of Rajasthani, Bengali and Kutchi style. The interior is a magnificently filled with the Rajputana art, which is fascinating to one and all.

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Training customers

If you frequently run last-minute sales, don’t be surprised if your customers stop buying things in advance. You’re training them to wait.

If you announce things six or seven times, getting louder each time, don’t be surprised if your customers ignore the first few announcements. You’ve trained them to expect you’ll yell if it’s important.

If you don’t offer someone a raise until they find a new job and quit, don’t be surprised if your employees start looking for new jobs.

The way you engage with your customers (students/bosses/peers) trains them on what to expect from interactions with you.

Drip, drip, drip.

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Worth reconsidering ?

The status quo is powerful indeed. We add layers, patches and small improvisations, all to shore up something we don’t want to reconsider.

If we had a clean sheet of paper, and could design something that actually worked, what would we do about:

Big-time college sports
School taxes based on location, and school spending based on income
Development costs, transparency and patents related to pharmaceuticals
The Electoral College and gerrymandering
Allocation of electromagnetic spectrum
Stagnant oligopolies
What’s taxed and what’s not
School curriculum
Online identity
Infrastructure priorities
The free market doesn’t always do things as well as an enlightened institution can. And institutions often need our help to become more enlightened.

Sometimes, we need to take a deep breath and decide to do it again, better.

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